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Bella and Myles founded Coconut Whisk, a vegan baking mix company, on the values that veganism represents in their lives: health, environmental consciousness, and sustainability. After becoming vegan, they discovered a hole in the market for easy-to-make vegan baked goods. Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean you don’t crave cookies! After developing a core set of successful recipes, Bella and Myles were ready to take their market-proven product to the next level. In order to grow their retail and online sales, however, they needed eye-catching packaging that could communicate the value of their products.

coconut whisk packaging designs


Create packaging that communicates the brand’s vision and values and stands out on the shelf.


Leveraging our industry knowledge, we started by helping these green entrepreneurs (pun intended) identify their brand’s value proposition and key differentiators. Vegan products can appear intimidating to non-vegans, but Coconut Whisk is focused on inclusivity. Once we’d zeroed in on the brand’s values and helped tease out the mission, we created a visual system that makes the brand feel approachable without compromising its commitment to veganism.

coconut whisk logo redesign
logo design icons

We applied this visual system to Coconut Whisk’s packagaing, using custom illustration and color to depict different natural environments shared between animals and children. We incorporated baking implements into each scene — a whisk here, a rolling pin there — to convey a sense of playfulness that’s intrinsic to the brand.

coconut whisk snickerdoodle packaging design
coconut whisk snickerdoodle packaging detail
coconut whisk chocolate chip cookie packaging design
coconut whisk chocolate chip cookie packaging detail

In keeping with Coconut Whisk’s brand value, bettering the environment, we partnered with ePac to source recyclable packaging materials for their products.

coconut whisk pancake waffle packaging design
coconut whisk pancake waffle packaging detail
coconut whisk chocolate muffin packaging design
coconut whisk chocolate muffin packaging detail


As a result of the brand positioning and new packaging, Coconut Whisk has seen a measurable uptick in sales, both in-store and online. They’ve had opportunities to pitch to new retailers and share their story with local media outlets, generating oodles of organic interest (we’ll stop with the puns soon).

Additionally, they’ve been able to donate hundreds of meals to kids and animals in need through their partnerships with Food For Life Global and FeedOm.

coconut whisk mug cake packaging design

Partnering with Macleod & Co. for our packaging was the best decision we could have made. Their dedication to the project, attention to detail and innovative thinking was more than we could have ever hoped for! They nailed our vision and our packaging sparks so much joy.”

—Bella, Co-founder, Coconut Whisk

coconut whisk barcode design
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