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Sales Integration

The relationship between sales and marketing is evolving — and that is a good thing! We believe marketing efforts should directly support sales initiatives; shared responsibility drives cooperation. By building our marketing strategies around shared goals and establishing a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with sales, we support the business as a whole. See an example >

By building our marketing strategies around shared goals,
we support the business as a whole.

Sales Integration
& Training

Good salespeople are well-versed in brand identity and messaging, and align their efforts with the overarching business strategy. We build clear strategies that are easy to understand and update, and help everyone in the organization understand their role in executing them.

Collateral & Sales Systems

Brand consistency is critical. In particular, companies in the medical device and clinical research fields require unified collateral and systems. We have created sales integration solutions for clients that allow them to maintain central control, while still giving salespeople room for flexibility.

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