What to Look for in Your Next Marketing Hire

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You might be asking yourself, “What should I look for when hiring a marketing manager?”

Hiring a marketing manager is no small feat. If we had to guess, you’re probably looking for a strategic, hardworking, passionate, and dynamic person to add to your team.

Well, aren’t we all.

These characteristics are appealing for obvious reasons, but potential employees know these buzzwords and will work them into their interview answers.

So how can you distinguish between someone who sounds like the right fit and someone who is?

You have to get creative, putting candidates to the test in order to determine whether they truly have what it takes.

The most efficient way to test for these attributes is to give your applicant a practice assignment and observe their approach. Did he play it safe? Does she have a strategy? A proactive and hardworking candidate won’t back down from this challenge; they will rise to meet it. They will be smart and tactical, showing you that they have both the passion and the strategic mindset your team needs.

Here are four traits you should be on the lookout for:

  1. Innovation

    In the era of shrinking attention spans, boldness cannot be ignored. The status quo has already been disrupted, and it will continue to evolve. Your goal is to stay top of mind, so don’t be complacent; find someone who isn’t afraid to think outside of the box and push the limits.

  2. Strategy

    Hard work is great, but smart work is better. There is nothing wrong with a strong work ethic. But without strategy, it doesn’t matter how hard you work or how many hours you invest in a project. In order to yield results, your efforts must be aligned with a strategy.

  3. Curiosity

    A top-notch marketing employee should always be asking “why?”. Why was this promotion so successful? Why did that campaign fall flat? Marketing isn’t just about making cool stuff, it’s about making cool stuff that works (or at least it should be).

  4. Agility

    Experienced marketers know that the landscape is always changing. New tools and technologies crop up constantly. When hiring a marketing manager, look for someone who rolls with the punches; someone who picks things up quickly and is able to pivot.

About the Author: Agency Owner, Allison Wasz, is a holistic thinker and digital marketing expert through and through. She lives and breathes digital — strategy, social media, paid search, user experience, and content generation are part of her day-to-day. Allison’s drive to understand the ‘why’ behind every action makes her well-suited to helping businesses of all sizes and across all industries develop and implement their digital marketing strategies. She believes in an educational approach to digital strategy, empowering clients to grasp how digital works in tandem with traditional marketing. Allison is a coffee drinker, part-time yogi, and red wine aficionado who spends her free time eating guacamole and patiently waiting for the next George R.R. Martin book.


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