How to Get Customers to Come to You

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How to Get Customers to Come to You

Many, if not all, consumers do research online before making a purchase or engaging with a salesperson. This is a huge opportunity. Your sales funnel is bigger than you are even aware of. And you can be reaching customers sooner, and learning about them faster.

Use Inbound Marketing to get your foot in the door

Inbound marketing opens up your active sales funnel and helps consumers help themselves. Waiting to engage with a potential customer until the point of known contact is a huge mistake. And, at that point, any engagement may come off as “sales-y”. Inbound marketing captures their attention long before known contact and engages them in a more natural and informative way.

Well before consumers consider your product, they consider your category. And even if your product is their entry into the category, many purchases will automatically trigger a comparison. Be ready.


Map a content strategy over your sales cycle. Do some basic internet research on yourself, your category, and your competition. What information is out there? Who sponsors it? What’s missing? These are huge opportunities for you to demonstrate your expertise to buyers at any point of their consideration stages.

Consider these simple forms of content that any business can produce:

  1. Category Information: Remember that you are talking to people at every stage of the buying cycle. Think of yourself as a solution addressing a problem — one that your customer might not even know they have. Start earlier in the conversation to educate your buyer; but remember that your branded solution is unique.
  2. FAQ: This is so easy and can be added to constantly. What are customers asking you? Help them help themselves by posting answers. And are there features no one asks about? Here’s your chance. An FAQ is a great place to make discoveries.
  3. Video Demonstration: Everyone’s talking about video, and that’s because it keeps getting easier to produce. Video is a fast and easy way to both convey — and receive — information. It’s a great way to do a product demo or to talk about a process.

What’s the best type of content for your customers?

In order to determine what content will be most effective in reaching your target audiences,

  • Stay up-to-date with what content is available to your customers from all sources
  • Constantly evaluate how that content is being used, and
  • Determine what content types and topics seem to be the most helpful to your target customers

Next Steps

Marketing automation tools like HubSpot or Lead Pages can measure your efforts for ROI and help you engage with potential customers, as well as providing detailed content metrics.

By mapping your customer journey from the point of category consideration, rather than waiting for engagement, you will find yourself with a wider funnel and more potential customers. And by allowing those prospects to educate themselves, they will become familiar with your brand and more likely to make a purchase from you. Done properly, you very well may find yourself with a loyal and devoted customer base.

Power to the people!

About the Author: Tanya Korpi Macleod is the founder of Minneapolis-based Macleod & Co. After more than 25 years of marketing and advertising experience in the U.S. and Europe, Tanya noticed that chasm that often exists between an organization’s theoretical marketing “plan” and its realistic ability to execute it. This led her to pioneer in the concept of “holistic marketing,” which redefines marketing as the complete process of bringing a product, service or company from inception to maximum ongoing profitability. Her mission is to show organizational leaders that a holistic mindset not only promotes a healthier culture, but a more profitable business.

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