Introducing: Harrison Blankenship, Digital Strategist

Harrison Blankenship | Macleod & Co. The Holistic Marketing Agency Minneapolis

We are pleased to introduce the newest member of the Macleod & Co. team: Harrison Blankenship, Digital Strategist!

Harrison Blankenship joins the Macleod & Co. team after gaining significant experience with social media management, content development, and digital marketing strategy. He is passionate about creating engaging and entertaining content that garners attention and helps brands connect with their target audiences.

Having worked with local startups as well as household names like General Mills and Grain Belt Beer, Harrison understands that there is no “one size fits all” approach to digital and social strategy. His experience has given him an appetite for constant improvement and a desire to help organizations reach their business objectives.

When Harrison is not in the office, he aims to be a modern renaissance man. He founded and runs a woodworking business on the side called Uptown Woodworks and has a laundry list of hobbies including traveling, operating anything with an engine, cooking, playing in washed-up college hockey leagues (his words, not ours!), skiing, fixing cars, and playing the drums.

At Macleod & Co, we are actively investing in the development of our own digital and social media capabilities. Harrison’s professional background, understanding of social media marketing, and love of building great brands is essential in supporting this endeavor. As a learning organization, Macleod & Co. is thrilled to continue broadening our social and digital capabilities. Welcome aboard, Harrison — we are glad to have you!

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