The Long Bright Dark of Research

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The Long Bright Dark of Research

Kelly Lukes, Account Executive and Marketing Detective

“Yeah, well. Devil’s in the details, yeah? I wrote everything I could. Try to capture the moment, its essence. Because you never know what the thing’s going to be, do you? The essential, unlikely clue. Thing that, way down the line, maybe months or years later, makes you say, ‘Ah.’ Breaks the case wide.” —Rust Cohle, True Detective

Shortly after we meet Rust Cohle in True Detective’s pilot, we are told that his colleagues call him “The Tax Man” for his use of an oversized ledger to record all of his crime scene notes and observations. Apparently everyone else used small notebooks; not good enough for Cohle.

Homicide investigations and market research are quite different (Thankfully! I don’t have the stomach for the former). But what they do have in common is methodology.

When we start work for a new client or a new campaign we dive deep into research looking for major themes, small details — any edge a client might have. Something might seem trivial in the moment, but I am amazed at how the slightest scent can lead to the main point.

When we started working with a Twin Cities-based medical device company we kept seeing the same theme run through their work — safety.

And somewhere along the line a member of our team had an idea, “what’s the Hippocratic Oath, ‘do no harm’, right?” An oath every physician takes and right in line with our product’s unique position.

An ad was born and turned a few heads:
Research Methodology | Macleod & Co. The Holistic Marketing Agency Minneapolis
“I just saw your ad in one of the urology journals. Being in academia, I never read ads and sometimes wonder why companies spend the money on them. In fact, in seven years, this is only the second one I have ever read. I thought it was very well done, balanced, professional and did not make any unjustified claims.” —Dr. Masters, Urological Surgeon, Emory University

Right message, right time, right target. This is why we love research.

We love looking at the facts, folding in individual life experiences, areas of expertise, and waiting for that moment, that makes us say ‘aha’ and breaks the case wide open.

Minneapolis-based Macleod & Co. is the Holistic Marketing Agency ™. We believe that in a hyper-social world, culture drives success, every employee is a customer touch point, and every customer is a broadcast network. We live at the intersection of marketing and organizational effectiveness. And we see marketing as the entire process of bringing a product, service or business from inception to maximum ongoing profitability.

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