4 Signs You’re Ready for a Rebrand

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4 Signs You’re Ready for a Rebrand

The first thing you should know: Your brand is not static.

It’s a fluctuating, living thing. Your brand is the essence of what your company represents — to your employees, clients and audience.

As your business changes and grows, your brand will occasionally need to catch up.

The brand established by your business likely has deep meaning to you. It might seem sacred. But if your brand is to faithfully represent your company, and position you correctly in the minds of your audience, it’s important to take an honest look at it now and again.

Maybe it’s time to consider rebranding.

We promise, it’s not that scary.

Here are some reasons you might consider a rebrand:

  1. Who you are as a company now feels light years away from where you began.
    This could mean your client base has totally changed. Perhaps the service you thought would be your bread and butter? Well, it isn’t. Your product line has expanded beyond the scope you could have imagined. It could be internal management shifts. Whatever it is, there is a severe disconnect. 
  2. Employee opinion and morale are suffering.Employee engagement is real. If you’re finding it difficult to get good people to get excited about their work, there is serious, valuable work to be done to figure out who you are as a company and show your employees how they carry out that mission.

    Sometimes the first and most crucial step to a rebrand is an internal campaign to recapture the loyalty of your most valuable asset — your own people. 
  3. You’re consistently losing out to the competition.Maybe you think you’re keeping up on your business’ brand — but if you’re consistently losing business to competitors, it’s time to nail down better positioning. Is missing the mark causing you to lose your market share? 
  4. You spend forever explaining what you do. If you need to go into a 20-minute discussion before someone understands what your business does, you need a rebrand. Your objectives and messaging should be clear, understandable and top of mind.

Remember: rebranding or even refreshing a brand takes time.

It’s not a logo, it’s not a brochure, it’s a process. And it requires commitment and resources. But once you’ve done the work, then you’ve found the heart of what will motivate people to choose your business and inspire your employees to do their best.

Minneapolis-based Macleod & Co. is the Holistic Marketing Agency ™. We believe that in a hyper-social world, culture drives success, every employee is a customer touch point, and every customer is a broadcast network. We live at the intersection of marketing and organizational effectiveness. And we see marketing as the entire process of bringing a product, service or business from inception to maximum ongoing profitability.

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