Agency as Lens: How to Avoid Marketing Myopia

Marketing Myopia - Agency as Lens | Macleod & Co. The Holistic Marketing Agency Minneapolis

Agency as Lens: How to Avoid Marketing Myopia

Marketing Myopia

Harvard Business Review recently published a fantastic video on the concept of Marketing Myopia.

It’s simple. It’s clear. It’s highly engaging.

But even better — it gets to the heart of a major problem we see all the time: good businesses and strong leaders are so busy keeping things afloat, they don’t have the time or space to see the big picture. This is marketing myopia.

Enter Macleod & Co. The Holistic Marketing Agency.

We get it. Running a business is overwhelming. You can get so focused on the product; it’s easy to forget about the experience you’re creating.

And that’s where we come in.

Make no mistake, your success is our success.

But one of the advantages is our agency’s removal from your day-to-day. Quite simply, that distance affords us (and you) a bigger and broader perspective.

We’re not here to replace your in-house team. We’re here to boost your vision and your clarity.

We’re simply an additional lens you can use to augment your current resources, and gain the direction and clarity you need to see the opportunities that will allow your business to truly thrive.

If you think your business could use a strategic marketing partner, let’s get in touch. Give us a call at 612.315.5200 or send us an email. Macleod & Co. will not only help your company gain clarity and increase efficiencies, we’ll make you more profitable. It’s what we do.

Minneapolis-based Macleod & Co. is the Holistic Marketing Agency ™. We believe that in a hyper-social world, culture drives success, every employee is a customer touch point, and every customer is a broadcast network. We live at the intersection of marketing and organizational effectiveness. And we see marketing as the entire process of bringing a product, service or business from inception to maximum ongoing profitability.

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