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“Increase sales to Customer X by 10% over Q4” is an excellent business goal: it’s specific, time-bound, and measurable — but it’s not a strategy. To achieve your objectives, you need a plan. To create a plan, you need information. Data on market climates, customer behavior, and industry trends is integral to the development of a successful marketing strategy. See an example >

In order to achieve your business objectives, you need a marketing strategy.

Competitive Analysis

Who are your competitors? What sets you apart from them? We perform competitive analyses and use custom frameworks to track your competition, giving you a contextual view of your place in the market.

Positioning & Messaging

Positioning & messaging influence brand identity and voice: how you are perceived and what people expect when they interact with your company. You can influence this perception with a positioning and messaging strategy.


A solid strategic foundation makes everything easier, from sales to hiring to raising capital. Our flat-fee strategy package gives you exactly what you need to get started (in just 12 weeks!)
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Market Segmentation

Segmentation involves dividing up your target audience based on shared characteristics. Why do this? It allows you to take unique personal and professional perspectives into account and tailor your messaging accordingly.

Market Research

Data is the lifeblood of a successful marketing strategy; you need a thorough understanding of the marketplace in order to develop an effective plan. Our strategies are underpinned by quantitative and qualitative research.

Additional capabilities

  • Digital Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Exit Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
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