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Whether you intend to or not, you have a brand. It’s not just your logo or color palette — it’s your company’s face and personality. It’s the part of your business that people connect with. Your brand sets you apart from competitors and should embody your values. Customers choose to engage with your product or service because doing so says something about them and their values.
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Your brand is the part of your business that people connect with.

Brand & Corporate Identity

Your logo and business cards make an impression. What do you want that impression to be? We help our clients define (or redefine) their brand identities, crafting a brand that accurately represents their values.

Mission, Vision, & Values

Why does your organization exist? What are you working toward? If you haven’t discussed these questions internally, it’s time to prioritize them. We make this process efficient with workshops and guided discussions.

Brand Story

Your brand story explains who you are as an organization. It demonstrates your values and gives people something to connect with, allowing customers to build a deeper relationship with your brand.

Naming Architecture

When considering names, look to the future: will this product be part of a series? Does the name need to resonate with multiple market segments? We’ll develop a naming architecture that supports your business strategy.

Brand Voice

In the age of social media, brands engage directly with consumers: answering questions online, providing information about themselves, and even expressing emotions. It’s important to define your brand voice and establish guidelines for how to use humor, voice concern, and respond to criticism.

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